French Drains Installation Long Island

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French Drains

When you call on Montemarano Plumbing & Heating for installation of French drains in Nassau or Suffolk County, You can save your home from:

  • Shifting and cracking of your foundation - When water sits up against your foundation, the soil softens and can cause your foundation to move. And a moving foundation is a cracking foundation, which can cost you and arm and a leg to fix.
  • Cosmetic damage - Once you have foundation issues, you can count on it leading to all sorts of problems inside your home or business. This can range anywhere from cracking sheetrock to sagging floors and doors that won't open and close properly.
  • Mold and mildew - It's undeniable. Water in your home will breed mildew and mold. And once it's growing, count on the mold to contaminate your air. If you or your family members have allergy problems, look for those to worsen too. And don't even get s started on how difficult mold can be to get rid of!